Importance of Mental Health Amidst Pandemic

Importance of Mental Health during covid 19

Importance of Mental Health:

Mental Health has been part of serious discussions even before the pandemic, ever since the social distancing people have fallen short on taking care of their mental health presence. And, it is vital to acknowledge the issues we are facing regarding mental health, the isolation is bothering a lot of us, and so is social media’s unrealistic life that impacts on how we perceive life. More importantly, the fear of pandemic has literally freaked us out and it’s so natural to get depressed when you’re in fear, have anxiety, and are deprived off of a normal life.

Turn on your television or scroll down social media sites, the only thing you’d see is #COVID-19 trending all over. This pandemic has brought tensions in financial-social sectors, which impacts our lives. It is obvious to get worried about getting sick, it’s okay to worry and think but it’s one thing to get paranoid about it. And, that is not healthy, plus the stress will only bring out the negativity, and you’ll end up taking a toll on your mental health. 

You may likely experience stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, and loneliness — mental health issues like anxiety and depression can get worse in time. The best thing you can do right now is learning to love yourself, give attention to self-care, and practice meditation for peace to stay calm. This is the only thing we can do right now to keep ourselves happy even during such awful times.

Ways to Keep Your Mental Health — Healthy!

There’s a couple of things you could do to keep yourself happy, something like drawing, cooking, or even by watching positive, and inspirational videos on YouTube! But, the foremost thing during this pandemic you must keep in mind is to generate harmony and learn to balance peace while addressing your irrational fears —

Importance of Mental Health during covid 19

  1. Catch up with your old buddies — share the bond of social distancing together! Yeah, call them, video call or just text. Do not meet!
  2. Go take a walk, but in your hall — don’t step out, please
  3. Look around you — appreciate the nature
  4. Meditation works magic
  5. Learn new recipes
  6. Remember that guitar lessons you couldn’t take?
  7. Watch new series — Money Heist is trending, ever given regional series a try?
  8. Take up any online classes — learn a new skill
  9. Does make-up sound fancy or dressing up?
  10. If there’s any hobby you left out — get back to it now
  11. Chant mantras if that helps
  12. Block out negativity — even if that requires for you to block certain serpents (just kidding) on social media, go ahead, its good for your mental peace.
  13. Though things may not seem normal — normalise, adapt, and follow a routine
  14. Work out — you don’t need abs, just a healthy body would do!
  15. Read books — one exceptional way to travel the world at the comfort of your home

There’s so much you can do to keep your mental health at check, and negativity at bay! Watch Baywatch and go slo-mo in the shower!

We are advising you for social distancing, not social cut-off. The best thing you can do right now is getting closer to your loved ones through virtual connections like Emails, video calls, text messages, FaceTime, and so on. At least through this, you can be under the impression of being surrounded by people and hence feel relaxed with the thought of not being alone. How about you first start by finding the purpose of life.


This can just be some ways of suggesting for generating a balanced and relaxed mental health but you can think of others. The emergence of the pandemic has no doubt created stress all over but least we in our can be calm and composed because this is something right we are capable of so stay home and enjoy staying home so that you can stay safe.

This is just a phase of life that will pass away don’t panic you got this just calm yourself down and wait for a positive happy ending because this is just a situation not the end of the life we all are together in it and I know we will pass this as well like all other bad phases. Be positive, spent time with your family and cherish the moments you are in right now.

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